Janamaitri Multiple Campus

Accredited by University Grants Commission (UGC) Nepal (2019)
(Affiliated to Tribhuvan University)

Kuleshwar, Kathmandu

Pre Admission Form For Programme

1. Applicant's Basic Information

2. Education

Level Name of the Institution/University Passed Year Optional Subject(s) Marks in % or GPA Action

3. Family Information

4. Declaration and Signature:

I declare that I have read all terms and conditions required for ... admission printed over leaf herawith. I fully agree on all terms and conditions and promise to follow all. I promise to abide by all other rules and regulations of campus and Tribhuvan University of Nepal.


Date: 08/03/2020

4. Parents' / Guardians Commitment

We have gone through all terms and conditions required for ... admission. We will be responsible for the above mentioned student and make him / her abide by all terms and conditions durng his/her study in campus. We are committed to timely fulfill our financial and other obligations as per course requirement. We commit to co-operate with campus for better performances of our son / daughter and over all development of Janamaitri Multiple Campus.

5. Terms and Conditions

1. Janamaitri Multiple Campus was established in 2019 A.D. as non-profit institution committed to quality management education for all.

2. Students are required to enter the campus premises before 6:25 AM and must remain incampus till 9:15 AM.

3. Campus shall specify total cost of 4 years ... Program as per campus rules and regulations at the time of admission. This amount may be paid on different installments on each year. Scholarships will be awarded to the deserving students as per campus rules in addition to scholarships quota. Students are required to pay all fees and cost within the date specified by campus.

4. Students must attend all the internal examinations consist of the followings. The students who fail to attend the exam will be deprived from all the facilities provided by the campus.

(a) First-Term Exam: After completion of 30% of courses, 2 Hours written exams with 60 full marks.

(b) Mid-Term Exam: After completion of 50% of courses, 2 Hours written exams with 60 full marks.

(c) Pre-board Exam: After completion of all courses, 3 Hours written exams with 100 full marks.

5. Campus has specified the dress code(uniform). Students are required to wear the uniform all the times in campus.

6. All Students will be issued identity card and must be renewed in each year. Student should present identity card on demand while entering campus premises or using campus facilities.

7. Students must not engage in any activities which distrubs good educational environment of the campus. Students engaged in such activities may be subject to disciplinary actions that may include expulsion or suspension from campus.

8. Campus may notify all other rules and regulations or code of conducts of students time to time. All Students must abide by all rules and regulations of campus and T.U.

I agree all the terms and conditions.